Clement Mesnier

Urban and landscape photography

Notre-Dame de Paris

The next day is off, you decide to make a bet on tonight's sunset expected at 8.45pm.
You head to Paris, meet Thomas Paris at 8.30pm on the Pont de la Tournelle which joins Ile Saint-Louis to the Left bank of Paris.
You setup the gear: tripod, release cable, ND filter, camera, lens.
You are ready, all you need is luck.

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Umbrella in the Fog

The Umbrella

Every year in Paris happens a cultural event known as Nuit Blanche (literally White Night) in October. As its name suggests, the event takes place at night and is a mix of artistic performances in various districts of Paris. Most shows are free and outdoor, the few indoor ones are often very crowded with long waits of one hour and more.

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A sunset shooting backstory

Paris in a dream

In the middle of the summer 2013, around mid august to be precise, I had just returned to Paris after three weeks of vacation in the countryside. I needed to feel again the never ending pulse of the city, always filled with people, sensations, sights and smells. I knew that summer sunsets look great in Paris and as I love old bridges, I had decided to go look for a sunset around the Pont de Notre-Dame with a view on the Pont au Change.

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One year of photography

One year ago, on june 30th 2012, I bought my very first digital single-lens reflex camera. Since then I've taken more than 10000 images. Yes, ten thousand the first year, with a day job. Today I take a look back on this fantastic journey.

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